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Dhoombox is
• A unique channel to market your services at zero cost, on Dhoombox’s website, catalogues, newsletters, retail stores, blogs, etc.
• A fresh and unique ‘experience gifting’ concept to associate your brand with
• A start-up with an ever expanding catalogue, geographies and client base
How can you become a Dhoombox partner?
As a service provider, you sign a one year contract with Dhoombox. When a gift receiver chooses to avail your experience, we make the reservation with you on behalf of the gift user. You render the service as agreed with Dhoombox. After availing the service, the gift user gives you the Dhoombox Voucher as a means of payment. You submit your vouchers and an invoice and get paid by us within 15 days.
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Email: prakash@dhoombox.com
Mob: 081 301 93801

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